The Overberg

The first European to set foot in the Overberg was Augustin de Beaulieu in 1620 but his excursion was around the coast of Gordon’s Bay. It was only after the Dutch had settled at the Cape in 1652 and two years later that Corporal Hieronymus Cruse and Ensign Oloff Bergh made contact with local Khoi groups to do trade. This contact paved the way for the Overberg to change forever for its local inhabitants. By the 1700s, the Dutch were farming all over this region and the Khoi were no longer the dominant force as a result of the small pox epidemic of 1713. By the 1800s, this region came under British rule. Today, the breathtaking scenery, historical towns and eco tourism with shark diving and some of the best whale watching in the world, makes the Overberg an extremely popular destination. This FREE printed and downloadable guide will give you by far the best information when visiting the Overberg.

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