Devil’s Peak

Devil’s Peak is one of only 2 Peaks that tops the 1000 m height on the Cape Peninsula. It is an impressive free standing mountain guarding the left flank of Table Mountain. It is considered an easy climb with no scrambling, no exposure or dangerous sections. This peak offers magnificent views over Cape Town and the distant Cape fold mountains. Devil’s Peak got its name from the destructive winds that used to blow off its slopes down onto Table Bay and wreak havoc with the sailing ships. tAs a result, the sailers would say the mountain was doing the devil’s work. The peak is also central to one of Cape Towns oldest and most well-known legions of the meeting of Van Hunks and the Devil on the saddle of Devil’s Peak, thus creating the famous cloud table cloth that we see on Table Mountain. This FREE printed and downloadable guide will give you by far the best information when climbing Devil’s Peak.

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