50 Places of the Overberg

This is a companion guide that goes with the Overberg guide. The Overberg guide concentrates on the unraveling of the history of this region as a story, whereas this guide is about places you can visit that will provide richness to the Overberg guide. Each place has its own story and covers the expansion of the Overberg from the 1400s to the 21st century. The places to visit are laid out from west to east in the guide which helps exploration in smaller areas for the visitors. As is typical of the Gateway Guides, we have highlighted a diverse range of interesting and relevant locations showcasing the history, nature, scenery and places with a difference. After putting them all together, a fuller picture will emerge as to why the Overberg is a special place. This FREE printed and downloadable guide will give you by far the best information you need when visiting the Overberg.

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